Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bucket List Lifestyle: Historic Homes

I have always had an infatuation with Historic homes, after all I lived in Wilmington, NC for 22 years. Perhaps that is why I went to real estate school while I was living in New Orleans in the 1990's. I enjoyed strolling up and down St. Charles Avenue, admiring the Antebellum mansions and formal gardens. I could just feel the smooth red oak floors beneath my feet, inhale the sweetness of jasmine floating through the open floor-to-ceiling windows along the wrap-around porches. Ahh, yes...there is beauty in the simplicity yet elegance in the architecture.

I have 2 gorgeous Historic Homes listed for sale right now, and I'd love nothing more than to sip lemonade on the front porch of each with you. Ready to explore these beauties?

204 Bailey Avenue, Kenly, NC 27542
This classic Queen Anne was built in 1910 and has been lovingly updated yet retained it's classic appointments. Majolica tile adorns each fireplace mantle while Ionic columns  grace the front porches. Original restored hardwood floors throughout the entire home, transom windows, 12-foot ceilings, formal parlour and dining room. And a breathtaking dogleg main staircase. What in the world is a dogleg staircase, you may ask? Let me show you!

204 Bailey Avenue main staircase
This home is 204 Bailey Avenue, Kenly, NC, 27542. To view this listing in its entirety, please visit it on my website. Would love to take you there to experience it for yourself!

Next up we have the Clifton-Perry House, an 1875 Victorian in Louisburg, NC. This lovely lady is on the Louisburg historic registry and has been smartly renovated to its original elegant splendor. Come join me on a rocking chair to learn more.
211 N. Main St, Louisburg, NC 27549

Renovated down to the studs and all systems have been replaced, tin and shingle roofs are newer along with the HVAC. Zoned O&I, there is the potential to make this Southern charmer a Bed and Breakfast. I'd sure love to drink coffee on that glorious front porch! Speaking of porches, the Clifton-Perry House even has a sleeping porch currently used as a sunroom/den.

One of my absolute favorite things about this home are the floor-to-ceiling walk-out windows in the parlour and dining room. Imagine the breeze flowing through with all those windows open! Autumn is coming, what a perfect time of the year to catch some zzz's on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Check out this parlour window!
Clifton-Perry House front parlour

I invite you to walk through the narrated virtual tour or visit the full MLS listing online for more info. To search for additional Historic Homes in the Greater Triangle Area, visit my website search here. If you would like a personal tour of these classic Southern beauties please call or email me. Anyone can own one of these Bucket List homes, just realize you're investing in the future by preserving the past...there is quite a bit of maintenance involved so they're not for the casual homeowner. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

What is a Bucket List Lifestyle???

I've started a new blog for my real estate company, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to humor me! I've been in the business close to 2 decades and I conceived this concept several years ago. I'm at a point where I need to do the proverbial "Go Big Or Go Home" with regard to it.

Someone asked me the other day, "What is a Bucket List Lifestyle?" In a nutshell, I believe that everyone who wants to own real estate in any fashion has a home on their Bucket List. It's not just about free golf for life with no wait for a tee time, skipping off your back deck to your boat, strolling across several acres to saddle up your Thoroughbred, or stopping your Maserati on a dime in your 5-car garage.

The First Time Buyer wants a small starter home with little maintenance, perhaps a condo or townhome. She has been saving every penny since college, has been posting her dreams to Pinterest like crazy! She can picture walking around her new neighborhood with her fuzzy little white dog on a pink leash, greeting neighbors and having her girlfriends over for brunch on her screened porch. That sits nicely, doesn't it?

The Move-Up Buyer dreams of a larger home for his family.  He wants fun neighbors he can have a beer with on Saturday afternoon at a backyard cookout. His wife and kids feel safe there, school districts are top-notch, church is right up the street. Life is good for this Bucket List Buyer who works hard to provide for his family.

The stock market can be volatile! The Investor dreams of a more diversified portflio. They buy, renovate, flip. They buy, hold, rent out for a predictable return on their investment. Perhaps they even create a community of tiny houses utilitzing GREEN building standards. They see possibilities amid market chaos and maximize every dollar. Oh yes, the Investor definitely has real estate on their Bucket List.

How about the Retirees? They've worked hard for decaces, raised a family and sent kids off to Duke (shameless plug), now enjoying freedom from their mortgage. They want to sell the home that's outgrown them and downsize to a condo or tiny ranch, take the grandkids to Disney and finally get that RV they've been dreaming about. It's time to play again for these Bucket List home sellers and buyers.

So you see, it's not just about luxury property...though fine homes and estates are also considered part of the Bucket List Lifestyle. Anyone at any phase of their life can enjoy a Bucket List home. Please call, text, or email me today to see how I may help you find yours!